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Inko’s wins “Innovation Award” from the National Automatic Merchandising Association (April 2010).  

The combination of white tea, natural flavors and fructose crystals creates a unique and wonderful flavor profile with a clean, crisp taste. We find ourselves addicted to Inko’s, with half of the flavors owning regular space in our refrigerator... If Inko’s keeps you from drinking higher-caffeine, more-sugared, or alcoholic beverages, then that’s one definitely healthy start. Although it’s hard to think of anything that tastes so good as being healthy.  

Inko’s White Tea Energy stayed with its delicious lemon-ginger flavor profile, tasting as light and refreshing as their line of elegant, fruit-flavored white teas. Its jitter-free™ tea caffeine picked us up at 4 p.m., after 6 hours of nonstop walking and eating.  

The Linus Pauling Institute
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Inko's wins "Best Sweetened Tea" award at the Take me 2 Tea Expo's inaugural "Iced Tea Shake-Off"
competition (March 2004).

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