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As we grow, so will our philanthropy. For now, we do what we can for the following organizations. Please take a moment to check them out!

The Linus Pauling Institute
Our mission is to determine the function and role of vitamins and essential minerals (micronutrients) and chemicals from plants (phytochemicals) in promoting optimum health and preventing or treating disease; Determine the role of oxidative stress and inflammation in human health and disease, and the protective effects of dietary antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds; and help people everywhere achieve a healthy and productive life, full of vitality, with minimal suffering, and free of cancer and other debilitating diseases. 

ASK logo
ASK is a non-profit volunteer organization that is qualified as a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. ASK’s mission is to provide a unique social, emotional, spiritual and financial support for children with cancer and their families. ASK also supports clinical and laboratory research at the Medical College of Virginia Hospitals at Virginia Commonwealth University, to aid in finding causes and cures of childhood cancer.

ACS logo
The American Cancer Society (ACS) is a nationwide, community- based voluntary health organization. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the ACS has state divisions and more than 3,400 local offices. Learn more about ACS, what we do, and our plans for the future by exploring the areas below.

Makin' it BIG logo
We offer undiscovered artists the opportunity to do what they love and make a difference in the process. We support talented individuals in developing their careers and in becoming people who give to others as a way of life. Our performers are assisted and encouraged to expand their own vision of themselves as successful artists and powerful contributors to those in need.
We serve communities with “special needs”. These communities are characterized by there ability to benefit from the healing power of Music, Dance and other Arts. These organizations rely on us to bring to them a diversity of talent, and an appropriate program for their unique needs.

The Creative Coalition logo
The Creative Coalition is the premier non-profit, non-partisan organization comprised of members of the arts and entertainment community dedicated to educating and advocating on behalf of social and political issues, specifically in the areas of the First Amendment, arts advocacy and public education.

Sity Harvest logo
City Harvest is committed to feeding hungry people in New York City using a variety of innovative, practical and cost-effective methods. Our primary approach is to rescue food that otherwise would be wasted and deliver it to those who serve the hungry. City Harvest strives to be a model for others to fight hunger in their communities.

Sity Harvest logo
Throughout its thirty year history in the midtown Times Square/Clinton communities of New York City, Encore has provided seniors with a range of caring and quality services to help them live independent and dignified lives. For this reason, Encore has earned the reputation as “Broadway’s Longest Running Act of Loving Care.”
Encore remains faithful to its mission...“By nurturing, respecting and enabling, Encore hopes to improve the quality of an older person’s life, in an approach that emanates from the core of Encore’s commitment. We believe that what we do comes from the heart and the heart is the center of all.”
(Excerpt from Encore's Mission Statement)

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