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After exhaustive research, focus groups and late-hour battles between design and manufacturing departments, our research told us that “Inko” is a brand name that really, really, REALLY speaks to you, our customer... Not.

We don’t believe in lumping people into groups anyway. So, focus groups were out. Instead, we made an executive decision and named the company after our dog - Inko. The name is a derivation of who-knows-what and we just love the pooch so much I figured, we might as well take Inko’s neighborhood-level fame worldwide.

Basically Inko exemplifies the qualities we, as a company, strive to bring to you, our customer - loyalty, love, devotion and a stubborn drive to make you smile (after every sip of course).

So, we made an executive  decision and named the company after our dog--Inko

Inko’s brings you the best tasting, and we think, the healthiest tea time after time with a consistency that your taste buds deserve. The specialized way we make our brew is a testament to the respect we have for the beauty and rarity of our white tea and for you, our intelligent customer!

Without giving away too much, some manufacturing techniques we specifically adhere to involve time and temperature. Too high a filtered-water temperature and the finished product would look cloudy. Too low, its full flavor would not develop. Our brewing process is religiously monitored so that each bottle derives the full promised flavor. And, believe us, if we over-brewed our tea, you would know it right away by the bitter astringency and nasty aftertaste. There is little margin for error in brewing our tea—so we take it very seriously.

The results? Well, let’s just say we strive to hit all the senses:

•The sweetest brewed tea your taste buds can find at a low 28 calories per serving,

•a floral aroma of sweet fruit to include your nose into the experience,

•a presentation of beautiful rich color to get the eyes involved,

•unlike other Teas, a beginning middle and finish kinda feel and,

•a sweet pop of our bottle cap to denote freshness (ok, so maybe we stretched a little).

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